IT Outsourcing

Infrastructure IT Outsource Services in Singapore

Technology is the driving force behind most enterprises today, from protecting important and confidential data to enhancing business operations. When embraced, technology can be optimised to improve communication, create efficient workflows and boost productivity. 

A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is crucial to helping your business meet its goals and offers a competitive advantage in the market. With a properly implemented infrastructure, you can prevent issues related to connectivity, productivity and security issues such as malware and other disruptions. 

EVSVS is a professional service provider covering data centre consulting design, construction delivery, overall operation, optimisation and transformation, edge computing and other solutions to help your business grow. Committed to giving you an optimal IT infrastructure so you can achieve high-performing and productive workflows, EZSVS offers IT outsource services that are specially curated as effective solutions for businesses in Singapore.

Why Do We Need IT Outsource Solutions?

In a highly digitally connected country like Singapore where both businesses and individuals are avid users of technology and consume a large amount of data, it is important to manage your enterprise’s IT infrastructure with IT outsource services. There are two main types of IT infrastructure, namely traditional and cloud.

Traditional infrastructure: It is made up of hardware and software components like data centres, servers, desktop computers, software applications and more. This setup is typically found in companies, requiring more power, physical space and money than other types of infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure: End users can access cloud infrastructures through the internet and can utilise computer resources with virtualisation, which connects physical servers maintained by a service provider in many locations. This type of infrastructure is more common and popular as it is widely accessible wherever an internet connection can be made.

With EZSVS’ IT outsource solutions, businesses can increase employee productivity, collect data in real-time for business decision-making purposes, develop and launch services and solutions with speed, and more. We offer outsource services in Singapore for your IT infrastructure that caters to all your business goals and needs with:

  • High-performance storage systems
  • Low-latency networks
  • Secure IT infrastructures
  • Wide area networks (WANs)
  • Virtualisation
  • Minimal downtime

EZSVS strives to make IT services simpler with reliability and integrity to drive your business growth and profit. Engage our IT outsource solutions today by contacting our sales team for more information.