Office relocation can be complex, especially when it comes to ensuring proper IT infrastructure setup for your new office in Singapore so your employees can hit the ground running on day one. At EZSVS, our full-suite professional IT services can take the stress from relocation off your plate.

EZSVS’s IT Infrastructure Services in Singapore

From planning your new ínfrastructure to sorting out the logistics and setup, we take care of all the details so you can focus on running your business. Here are the IT services we offer:

  • Networking
  • Network Security
  • Mobility and Wireless
  • Data Storage Management
  • Office IT Infrastructure Setup
  • Server Room Design & Build
  • Physical Security Systems
  • Infrastructure Connectivity
  • Audio Video and Collaboration
  • Voice Solution
  • Project Management
  • Office Relocation IT Services
  • IT Setup For New Offices

Professional IT Infrastructure Services in Singapore

With a team of specialised engineers proficient in all major products used in an enterprise IT environment, EZSVS can provide customers with one-stop IT services required for their relocation. These range from management to consultancy services for wired and wireless network systems. Adhering to the “Quality First, Customer First” service philosophy, EZSVS employs scientific management methods, standardised operating procedures, and thorough implementation plans so your new office’s IT infrastructure has optimum efficiency and security. With our expertise, comprehensive services and commitment to delivering the best, we are confident in providing all-in-one professional IT services of the highest quality and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Professional IT Services

With the help of a professional IT services provider, the physical relocation typically takes a week. However, the entire office IT relocation process requires a few months because of the following stages:

  • Planning and searching: Deciding on your requirements and finding a suitable new office in Singapore can take one to two months.
  • Legal process: Finalising the contract with your landlord and renovation company can take two to three months.
  • Renovation can take one to two months.
  • Setup: This process includes ensuring that your hardware, software, data centres, servers, and network are running smoothly. The duration varies based on the scale of your IT infrastructure.

When you engage professional IT infrastructure setup services from a service provider in Singapore, they will help you choose the right mix of hardware and software to increase your system’s efficiency and productivity. This can empower your employees to deliver higher-quality work. IT service providers can also keep your system running securely with minimal costly disruptions. As many present-day aspects of business operations are powered by technology, these services can build a robust IT infrastructure that keeps your company competitive in the fast-paced business landscape.

Read our case studies today to learn more about our services. Alternatively, contact us via phone or email, or fill up our web form. We look forward to hearing from you.